Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation #450

Since I'm not taking a vacation, I figured I'd try my hand at painting from a (vacation) photo - As we well know, I'm not a fan of painting from photos. . . but everyone else is doing it!
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  1. Love city scapes! Great job!
    Art Buddy Michael

  2. I like this painting. The perspective you chose makes a great city scape. Well done!

  3. And did you have fun on your vacation Lisa? (Where was this?)

    Thanks for passing on about the book too. Is it humorous?

  4. love one can know the different is it from photos or not?

  5. Nice job- it doesn't look like it was done from a photo.

  6. So, Lisa, if everyone else was jumping off a bridge - would you do that, too? That's all I could think when I read your post - echoes of my Mom saying that to me! Seriously - painting from a photo is a different 'animal' because you don't want it to LOOK like a photo, but you want to capture the wonder of that scene - I think you did a great job!

  7. I am curious to know where you were vacationing when you snapped the reference photo for this painting? Painting from photos can be a good thing... as Martha would say.

  8. Fantastic blog! Your colors are exquisite, oh, how I long to have a more painterly style. You have such terrific color combos. Your Rowboat to Rio really is so eye catching. So glad to follow your blog:)

  9. Hi! I see the kids jumping from bridges into water around here and I think how can they do that? It takes my breath away! Then again, maybe I should try it? They look like they are having fun?

    Oh, right I digress -

    This one painting is pulled together from three different photos - the photo that started it, had nothing on the right and then I found a building for the right, but then it had a hole at the top, so, I found some other things to fill the hole - it's totally 'frankensteined.'

    I'm horrible at labeling photos - and I really don't travel as much as most people - oh and I store my photos in lots of different boxes, lumped together - I think some of it is NYC and some of it might be someplace else. . . the porch doesn't look local.

    Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful comments. . . I really appreciate them.