Friday, September 24, 2010

Smurfy #487

You were expecting today's title to be Not Flowers, weren't you? So was I.

I think I should buy myself lots of fresh flowers this coming winter (it's not here yet, I know, I know) but what better way to spend the winter but with a room full of flowers and painting them. I missed the flowers today, but I have all these teeny tiny, itty bitty pieces of fruit. Think Smurf sized.

Other News; Brie and I received a glorious acquisition to our permanent collection today. I'll unveil it at a later date. Brie's been promoted to curator, she's got to catalog it first, but there's no pushing her, that one works at her own pace.


  1. Great color on this! Olives are my favorite.

  2. Beautiful sense of light and color!! Love it!

  3. Great color variations in the fruit and bowl. The bright background really enhances the purples and lavenders.

  4. You're messing with us! Lovely painting and I'm really liking your office assistant!!