Sunday, October 3, 2010

Latest Yardment & Guess Brie's Oddment #496

Good News; Duane Keiser has just completed Oddment painting #207 - Brie, the dog/art collector, is eagerly awaiting her Oddment, #308 - so, with 101 more until ours, er, um, hers, you know what that means. . .

Plenty of time to play my favorite game, Guess Brie's Oddment - since it doesn't exist yet we have no idea what it will be - (for Oddment defined, scroll down. . .)

I love Duane Keiser's work and can't wait to find out the subject of our Oddment. I hope it's not a bug - Brie's now wishing it'll be a painting of the cute little Cockapoo up the hill.

Back to today's painting; I chose this setup because of the playful polk-a-dot fabric. And when I finished I realized, I forgot to put the dots in - all work no play - so I put them in.

More still; This little pink flower is pretty much the only thing left in the front yard now. . .

An Oddment is "a remanant or part of something, typically leftover from a larger piece." And DK is creating 1000 of these little paintings!


  1. I like it! I like that you made the dots subtle too, so that they don't overwhelm the sweet little flower.

  2. Love it! Of course, I like all of yours, but this is one of my favorites.

  3. great color and I like the simplicity of the flowers with your little "oddment"