Monday, October 4, 2010

Cuppa #497

I just stuck the cookie right in my mouth this time, bypassed the still life setup all together - who would I be fooling really if I put it there, fussed with it, danced around the idea that it was really there for the sake of the still life and I would never think of eating it?

The apple makes a perfectly good stand in.

Other News; Save the date, the Hingham Arts Walk is Sunday, October 17th, 12 - 5 - I'll be at White Magdelena -


  1. Love this Lisa! Love the yellow in the cup, love the reds in the apples, love the cooler greens in the background, the punchy green leaves, the striping in the foreground...

  2. My kind of girl - eat the props! (That's what I do with all of the donuts.)
    Kidding aside, love this little still life Lisa. So fresh and colorful.

  3. The green leaf in front is PERFECTION!

  4. LOL! Ok...confess. You only use painting as an excuse to feed your cookie addiction, right?

    Great job on this! The bright red cherries look terrific next to the snowy white cup. Love the way the shadow falls too.

  5. I really like this painting and the little Jules Olitski bottom edge . . . beautiful free strokes and color!
    I've enjoyed visiting your blog and will visit often!

  6. Beautiful and loose.
    I almost asked my hubby to pick up some donuts for me to paint....but I thought better of it.

  7. That's what I like! The honest truth...LOL.

    This is a lovely painting. Love the color palette.

  8. love the red and then to top it all off with the wonderful turquoisy/greenish in the it!