Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lime Blue (take two) #498

So I had a little problem here w/the blogging - I post the same day I make it - but the email that goes to everyone's email goes a day later automatically.

So, if I post the next day before noon, then you'd get two images in one email and so, I thought I'd delay the post until tonight, but then I messed something up - somehow - and well, the pictures didn't come through - so here it is. . .take two - I apologize everyone. Thank you for your patience.

Maybe the top lime could be warmer - I played around with it a little and then figured, there's always tomorrow.


  1. Simply beautiful, great color harmony!

  2. I like the purples in the shadows of the bottom two...

  3. So much interest in the shadows-very nice. BTW, I love yesterday's painting. I just didn't get around to commenting.

  4. The top lime is warm enough against the beautiful, cold blue bowl. Any warmer would affect the blue. I absolutely love your work.