Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bo Peep #542

I'm kind of like Bo Peep, except I've lost my a piece of my computer - don't ask, I beg of you, but if I find it in the fridge, like I recently found the elusive phone (only after hitting the locater ringer - hmmm, why's it so muffled? Is it under the dishtowel? No. In the basement? No. Oh, right, it's in the fridge, placed perfectly on the top shelf, like a dairy product.) then I might need a more qualified assistant than Brie, the dog.

Saturday is the Hingham Boutique! 10-4, 172 Main Street, Hingham.


  1. I like this one and the last one Courage 541.........enjoy your blog for the art and the thoughts/stories.
    Great job, Bo Peep!

  2. Lovely painting, Lisa.
    The simple shapes and the colours are very appealing.

  3. Love this one! The rhythm of the houses in the background is delightful!

  4. Lisa, You and your art work rock so very much! Thanks for sharing so much with so many.
    Art Buddy Michael