Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Causeway and Baby Causeway #526

One of the many great things about painting with Page is she picks the location or the still life, all you have to do is show up!

And today I got extra lucky as the place was right up the street, seriously, I could leave the same time it started, my commute was 30 seconds, which, if you've ever been to where I live, the only other thing that is a 30 second commute is the driveway.

So, as I was saying, (stating? - eh) we painted at the Causeway today in this studio/home/painting place on the bay oh, and ALSO on the ocean. The houses there are barely on any land and when the tide is high and there's a storm, the water goes right over the street. Making us, temporarily, for only an hour or so, an island. Well, not really, the road is still there, it's just under the water. Which was not the case today, the weather was gray, but calm.

So, I did two 6x6" paintings and a 4x4" -
If you are interested in the 4x4" (bottom one, more blues) email me - not sure about price, it's tiny. lisa@thebigcvisualjournal.com


  1. I like the simplicity and abstract quality of this painting. Very nice!

  2. This is VERY nice, Lisa. Gorgeous color, great abstraction, lots of interest. The 6x6 has it all over the 4x4, in my opinion. Much more interesting shapes and color distribution.

  3. Absolutely beaut! Simple, clear, emotive.

  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! (Full of wonder!)
    The fact that I love the ocean kicks it up a notch!
    Art Buddy Michael

  5. How interesting...and yet so simple. I like the intrigue that it provokes.

  6. I love your vibrant and almost abstract still life paintings, they really stir the viewers imagination!