Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Figure #588

The bowls were so fun to paint first thing this morning, I thought I'd paint the human figure this afternoon. . . looks like a New Year's Resolution has found me.


  1. Love the colors and composition. So where is the human figure??
    Hope your 2011 is great!

  2. Love this also but I am tag teaming with Carol- where is the human figure?
    Happy Resolutions!

  3. My figure paintings are lacking something - a light source.

    I want to take more photos of people w/direct light sources to paint from. Oh dear, there's another resolution and here I thought I wouldn't make any!

    Maybe I should sign up for a Karin Jurick workshop, you'd think she'd be okay w/me using acrylic?

  4. Love the blue bowls - wish I had some!

  5. Beautiful complementary colors, love the composition.

  6. I love the bowls...they have a sparkle to them.....I recommend a Karin Jurik workshop....I took one in NYC and tried to get into the one this May but it is should email her and ask her about the acrylics...I wanted to do water soluble oils at the time and she discouraged me but said I could do it if I wanted to....