Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple, Apple, Check #645

I have red apples on the mind, but I keep buying green ones. And I discovered this week I like the way the regular apples taste over the organic. Why am I not surprised, considering I love Fluff. 6x6in, acrylic, $100, Click here to purchase apples

Other News: Please join me on Sunday, March 13th at Bella's in Rockland from 5-7 for an opening. . . there will be a lot of never before-seen-in-person paintings on display.

More News Still: Speaking of 'Tasty' - the GJP Challenge is posted for the month. . .


  1. Lisa,
    Love the green apples! Your colors and values are so good. Really like the way you painted the checkered cloth. And, love the fluff too! Sweet!

  2. I love the green apples too! They make me want to head to the market and buy some to paint! The red checkered cloth is perfect! ...and, I've got to order some Fluff, I must have that jar! :)

  3. Love the colors in this one...

    ............ so what is Fluff??? I've never heard of it... I see that it is marshmallow, but what do you do with it?

  4. I think I should take orders for Fluff for a day or two so everyone can try it!

    Marian, Fluff is a very delicious marshmallow food. Okay, food isn't right, I tried calling it a condiment, but that isn't right either, snack? No. . . topping? Nope, still not right. Dressing? no, no, no.

    I honestly have no idea what it is, but I LOVE it AND It's fat free!

    What to do with it? It's very sweet but that hasn't stopped me, I've eaten it with ice cream and on sandwiches and with jelly and with peanut butter and on cocoa and I've made fudge with it and also frosting. It's a very versatile, er, um staple.

    I jest, but it's truly a strange creature - I think a whole container is ¢99!

    And yes, it's best straight out of the jar. . . I'm truly disgusting, I know, just love me.