Sunday, April 10, 2011

Understudies #683

It was a two walk, one big panel kind of day.
16x20in, acrylic on panel


  1. That is a big panel! How'd you have time for two walks?

    I like the simplicity of your flowers. Just enough detail, and the values are great. I'm just attempting to paint some flowers, and I'm having trouble keeping it simple.

  2. You have a lot going on here, very nice.

  3. LOVE the supporting characters in this! Warm and cool and lovely!

  4. Lisa, I'd love to see the reference photo, if you care to share. I LOVE the personality of these chicks--boy chicks, right? I actually had to google "the difference between hens and roosters" to tell. Guess I have to raise my farm-animal IQ, before I take on the DWP challenge myself. Okay, you can call me chicken.

  5. Hi! Thank you - this is all the piled up still life objects from the week - I just pulled out a couple of things for a little breathing room, but everything else I went with.