Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#1072 Flower Can

There wasn't any sunshine today (my preferred light source), which I think led me to paint something shiny instead.  still life, 6x6" acrylic


  1. LOVE the reflections on the can Lisa!

  2. Hi Lisa. I love your work, and your story is equally compelling. I'm amazed these are acrylics ... They have a feel of oils. A master, you are. All the best to you. :-)

  3. I love the way you painted the tin flower can. It really adds an extra element to the whole thing. Lovely as usual.
    I bought a small easel for my painting "Flower Jam". Still love it!!!

  4. Hi! Thank you, I'm appreciative to know it reads okay, reflective surfaces are hard, but this is encouraging. I might try some more cans in the near future (before I bring them to the recycling center, one of my many my weekly outings with Brie, the dog).