Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1227 I do and don't

sold These new panels are thicker and have a little cut out on the back, so they can hang up all on their own. But they take careful planning in that one has to look at the back before one starts painting to determine which end is up. I'm not so good at this yet and today's painting has been rotated 90° CCW to accommodate the hook-y thing. still life, acrylic, 4"x 4"
Other News: Below is an image from my sketchbook of some thumbnails. I use these now (thanks to the reminder of my summer mentor) to be able to explore different compositions. Before I started using them (I did them all the time as a student and when I work on client things) I wasn't staying with the subject for a very long time, I would bounce around, get more flowers, what have you. But by drawing the thumbnails I spend more time with the subject and figure out new ways of seeing it. I don't transfer the thumbnail to the canvas, but use it as a rough guideline for planning.