Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1324 Any noise annoys an oyster

sold I'm practicing with vocal warm-up tongue twisters for Thursday's broadcast. And if Brie decides to become vocal (read bark) during the radio show, I'll be coming at you live - from the bedroom closet. still life, acrylic, 6" x 6"


  1. How exciting! You're going to do great! And if Miss Brie decides to add a little flavor to the interview, well, that will be just fine. I would wish you good luck, but you don't need any. You're a natural! Have fun!

  2. You most definitely need to bring Brie, the dog of course, is there any other brie?
    You will be out of sight! Be yourself! Everyone else is taken!
    Is the broadcast live? How can I listen to it? I signed up on the site. Still not sure what to do?
    So exciting! Good for you!
    I am loving "Your Number One Fan's" photo blog! Much fun and great photos too!

  3. OK I am kinda star struck that the next guest on AHA (I am talking about Brie, not you - just kidding) is someone I follow and whose blog (with few exceptions) I view daily even though it is some time since I have commented. You will do well, I am very sure. I was daunted by Leslie's 30 day challenge and you are way way beyond that. So "break a leg", enjoy, and happy new year to you and to Brie. :) And, btw, another beautiful painting, as always.

  4. One day - I've wanted to say this for some time - I want to go back in your blog and do a painting for each of the clever blog post titles you do! Now that would be a challenge!

  5. Oh my head, it's getting so big over here and Brie's is even bigger (very fluffy that one) - she's been sleeping all day in preparation - but she sort of does that every day. That would be a challenge to go back and paint paintings based on the titles - it's a good idea - I like it - Michael, there is a link on the AHA site now (it wasn't there before I don't think) directly to where one can listen - here it is - http://artistshelpingartistsblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-conversation-with-lisa-daria-kennedy.html
    it going to be on at noon EST - but will be available on archive afterward to listen to for free anytime -