Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1325 A sort of saucy sea saw she.

sold The closet is nice and tidy now if I need to retreat from a barking someone during my interview with Leslie tomorrow. I've also exhausted all vocal warm-up tongue twisters (see title), the phone is charged and I have a list prepared of 80 favorite artists, (I narrowed it down) - The show is at noon EST - click here to listen - if you can't listen at noon, it will be available afterwards to listen to whenever you like. still flowers, 6" x 6"


  1. Love this painting Lisa. As usual I love the way you depict glass with a few deft strokes. The greens are beautiful too. Hope your interview goes well today.

  2. Your color harmony is striking and fresh.
    I really enjoyed your interview this morning - now we have your voice to pare with your posts.
    You are an inspiration!

    : )

  3. Hi Lisa, I really enjoyed your interview with Leslie. I painted with oils for years and the last several months have been using primarily acrylics and loving them. I wondered why acrylics are your choice of medium? Also do you find them as marketable as oils? I love your work. Happy painting.

  4. ...and in addition, I was impressed to hear of your no-nonsense approach to daily painting. (you are so modest!) Your dedication and passion is quite apparent in your work, Lisa.
    pure joy.

  5. An amazing interview on an amazing daily painter and person!

    Your #1 Cheerleader

  6. I must listen when I get off the road ;D
    Love the freshness of these white flowers.