Saturday, February 15, 2014

1727 More Snow

stil life, acrylic, 6" x 6" $100 click here to purchase 

Other News: Below are photos of a 30" x 70" commission I recently finished. Before doing the painting I painted a quarter scale sketch for the couple's approval. Due to the unusual size, I stretched my own canvas using heavy duty stretcher bars from Twin Brooks Stretchers. The stretchers are handcrafted in Maine and feature a mechanical locking system which is so much easier to assemble than banging (and cursing) together the traditional wedge stretchers. 


  1. What a perfect finishing touch for their room1 You must feel good knowing that the client is displaying it so prominently!

    Congrats on this accomplishment!

    I'm looking forward to your next commission. . .

    You're #1 Cheerleader

  2. More snow you say? We will be basking in the partly sunny weather in the high forties.

    I agree with your cheerleader mother I am guessing about your very large mural. It is beautiful. I like the view you gave us in their dining room looking over the table and chairs.

    More snow looks like a flower producing another flower. the red one reminds me of those ones they sell around Memorial day..


  3. Gorgeous paintings, Lisa! I love seeing your larger pieces and this one is absolutely stunning!

    Sending warm, non-snowy thoughts to you and Miss Brie! <3

  4. Late bloomer Marge checking in. i do wish lillian would let me know when she posts i hate missing out.

    i agree with everyone about your huge mural. where did you paint it? Where do you start? Have you done others this big?

    Well Lillian told you about our non snow weather already. she gets to say all the good things i have to be earlier then her.

  5. Your painting looks fabulous in this elegant room Lisa! Beautiful work!

  6. Hello! Thank you everyone - yes, more snow - today was sunny but it looks like more snow tomorrow - I don't think it'll be too much though. Marge, thank you for your questions - I'll answer them in order; I painted the big painting in my living so I would have enough room to step back away from it - in the summer I can open the doors to the studio to get enough distance between myself and something this big, but this was done in the fall and early winter so it was too cold for that. I started with a small sketch and translated that freehand to the bigger surface - I didn't use a projector or grid it out so I could keep it loose. I have done some other big paintings, 48" x 60" for my thesis and some other 48" paintings for a commission last summer for Newton-Wellesley Hospital - but I think this might be the biggest by a couple of inches.