Sunday, February 16, 2014

1728 Melt

sold still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" 


  1. So moodie. it looks like you switched on a light under the middle flowers. I do like how you showed us a few of the flowers in the arrangement.

    so i guess your snow is over and now it has warmed up for some melting.


  2. Hello Marge,

    Thank you, I placed these flowers on the window sill - so they were lit from the front. Indeed we have melting! I went a little further south today to Plymouth for a meeting and they got a lot more snow than we did.

  3. You sold Melt, that is wonderful dearie. It is a beautiful still life. Is that the same sunlight in the vase then? It is sort of mysterious.

    Would that be Plymouth in massachsetts?

    Do you know where marshfield is? i live in its sister city Marshfield but in Missouri.

    i do hope you get some of the nice weather we are having here.

    Marge will be beside herself that you answered her. I am not sure if i want to answer the phone when she calls she will be all giggles.


  4. Hello Lillian,

    Thank you! It is the same light in the vase. I like that you think it is mysterious!

    I was in Plymouth, Massachusetts - a stone's throw from the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock (or Plimoth if you want to go with the old spelling) - I do know where Marshfield is - I teach at the NRAS which is in Marshfield - I didn't know there was a Marshfield in Missouri, I'll have to look at photos to see what it looks like.