Monday, February 17, 2014

1729 Invisible

sold still painting, acrylic, 6" x 6" 


  1. To me this is a wonderfully balanced painting. I love the geometric shapes - how my eye moves around and within the subject.

  2. Very beautiful Lisa. I like your use of colours and the composition, very dramatic.

  3. Lillian here. I was right Marge was beside herself when she read what you said to her. I told her to get over herself.

    i do like the line strokes of Invisible. The little hint of pink on both of the flowers makes them special.

    You must have changed the water in the vase as it looks so clear.

    Off to walk as it will be in the fifties today.


  4. You couldn't wait, lillian, could you. and you posted the things we talked about as well. There is nothing left for me to say.

    I liked how the two flowers are almost announcing there arrival.

    wish me luck as I will be walking with Lillian soon. unless she already left without me


  5. Carmen and Dan, thank you - looking through some older paintings, I was reminded of an earlier attempt to deviate from the subject - so I tried this more geometric setting as a result.

    Lillian, I did change the water (and cleaned the jar)!

    Lillian and Marge -I hope you two enjoyed the walk in the fifties!!! We had high 30's today and it felt warm - Brie the dog and I walked a little bit, but a snow covered tree trunk stopped Brie dead in her tracks - she wouldn't budge and started barking at it. In her defense, it did look a lot different covered in snow.