Monday, February 24, 2014

1736 Saltz

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6 n/a
Art critics Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith spoke to a full auditorium tonight at Boston University. Saltz opened the discussion by stating, "Art first, all else will follow." Saltz and Smith are also husband and wife and seldom (if at all) hold a talk together. Saltz writes for the New York Magazine and Smith writes for the New York Times. Saltz believes in as much engagement and conversation as possible with his readers (and beyond - he was a critic on the television show "Work of Art"). He welcomes direct comments online to his articles and responds back creating an interactive dialogue. Contrarily, Smith admitted to having more of a thin skin when it comes to direct confrontation about her writing. However, she does Tweet, I'm off to follow her now!  


  1. Love the colors!
    Sounds like a great Art Talk!

  2. Hey what happened to my post from yesterday? does your blog shut down after a certain time?

    I did get back late but I did post about the wonderful purple and the soft seen vase. i mentioned how i liked the way you had the vase disappear into the background.


  3. As for Saltz it sounds like you enjoyed the speakers. not something we get much around here. i like how you added the dainty blue flower to the back.

    And where is Lillian i wonder

  4. Here I am marge.

    i took a little nap after you left and woke up to this beautiful still life.

    I did not notice the blue flower as I was so involved with the purple ones. and that is a very colorful vase too.


  5. Hello! Marge, I'm sorry your post didn't come about - I don't know what happened to it - the blog doesn't shut down after a certain time, so I haven't any ideas as to why it's so flukey. I think that part where the vase disappears as you mention, makes the eye move a bit due to the fuzzy edge.
    Lillian, I had some fun w/the blue flower - trying to change the temperature of it from the rest of the piece.

  6. Sue, thank you! The art talk was great - Marge, it seems during the school year we have artist talks and lectures for every night of the week with all the colleges in the Boston area - there's always something to do!