Friday, September 17, 2010

Crabby Apples #480


Miniature sized fruit is the best thing to paint on these little panels. I have no idea what one would bake with a crab apple, but I got them at the food store - epicurious here I come (lookout).

Other News: Painting on the Square - tomorrow will be my last Saturday for the season painting in Hingham Square. I did it every Saturday all summer and now that it will potentially be getting cold, I think it's a good time to stop for this year. I want to do it again next year but I hope other painters join in too! Tomorrow I'll be there with an outdoor painting class taught by Page Railsback - she's doing four different Saturday sessions, email her if you are interested in joining one or all. Page Railsback


  1. That is such a cheerful looking painting :) Love those colors.

  2. Great color and the light and shadow of the fruit carton work so well in the design.

  3. Great handling w/ the light and shadow of the box and table.