Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Littlest Vase (ever) #479

This little vase started off as a GREAT BIG pot. . . but if you've ever used a wheel to make a piece of pottery, unusual things can just kind of happen. The big pot fell over, into itself, things got warped and what have you, and seconds into my great big pot, I had the littlest vase ever. I enjoy painting pictures of it so much more than making it.

When I painted this tonight. I tried to think of things to fix and adjust kind of like at the workshop. I've made some big magic marker notes so as I go along I can remind myself.

Other News: Brie has not tried to sleep on any surfaces other than her velvet settee and normal sleeping spots. No nightstands, dining room tables (yup, she's tried, it's a three ring circus around here) or other flat surfaces.