Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ding #478


To date I've been applying highlights as if I was painting a glistening tooth on a cartoon wolf. You know what I mean, the pure white starburst accompanied by a dinging bell when a wolf in a cartoon (or any big toothed creature) smiles.

Well, I've been shown the way - the secret is this - it's the color of the object, PLUS white, PLUS warm yellow (in my case 'cause my light is warm).

That's it.

No more glistening teeth for me, but I will miss the ringing of the bell every time I put one on.

I think the highlight on this isn't quite warm enough but it's an improvement.


  1. How funny! Thanks for sharing your secret. I can see how you'll miss the bell, though. I really like the direction you've been taking your latest paintings.

  2. Very nice Lisa. A regal flower that bursts out from the simplicity of the painting.

  3. This has it all...really nice color and the bottle looks inspired me to paint a bottle today (I will post it in a few days). Did you get my phone message?

  4. Gorgeous rose and warm highlights. Is this really acrylic? Looks like oil! Lovely!!

  5. This is gorgeous, Lisa. The colors, and especially the interplay between soft and hard edges give this a dreamlike quality. Love it.


  6. Exquisite! I love the delicate petals and the shimmer of the glass and water. Beautifully done!