Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unheard Of! #537

Painting outside ALL day in November ON the water at The Glades and not being the least bit cold? I've never! We had a phenomenal day - it was warm, the sunlight beautiful - the company tremendous, the day went by in a flash -

If you haven't heard me rave about the Glades before - it's a piece of land at the end of Scituate and only the descendants of John Quincy Adams inhabit it. It's an untouched, unspoiled piece of land with beautiful old buildings, I know I've painted this barn before but I did it again - I'm trying to figure out the mystery of painting good whites, ever since I started the sheep, so I couldn't resist this sunlit building. I took a TON of photos too, I cannot wait to download them. But first, it's time to go to a friend's down the street, as soon as I wash the paint off my hands!

Other News: Brie is having another slumber party at my parents', tune in tomorrow to find out what piece of furniture she tried to sleep on top of this time (things that go bump in the night).

More News Still: There's an opening tomorrow (Sunday, 5-7) at Bella's in Rockland. Work by the fabulous Kelley MacDonald and Sally Dean will be on display.


  1. I'm one of your 'silent/non-commenting' fans. But I have to say- you are easily my consistently my favorite "daily painter". It's a real pleasure and inspiration to see what you do (and how well you do it:)

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    I was wishing I was there ... Your piece is lovely.
    glades is one of my all time favorite places.